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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Salto al Cielo / Jump into the Sky

Por primera vez, uso uno de mis dibujos para participar en algo. Se trata de una pieza que dibujé hace bastante tiempo, que me pareció era adecuada para participar en Illustration Friday, donde todos los viernes se plantea un nuevo tema para illustrar. El tema de esta semana es "Jump" o "salto/saltar".

For the first time, I´m using one of my old drawings to participate a in a contest. It's an illustration of something I drew a some months ago, and I thought was adequate to participate in Illustration Friday's topic, which changes weekly, every Friday. This week's topic is "Jump".

Salto al Cielo. Dibujo de cuaderno en vectores /
Jump Into the Sky. Sketchbook drawing vectorized.
 Deja todo lo feo atrás y da un Salto al Cielo.

Leave all the ugly behind and Jump Into the Sky.


  1. Love the drama. So much untold story in this illustration...leaves you wanting to know more.

  2. Thanks for your comment Claire! :)